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COVID-19 Information

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This page will be regularly updated with the most recent information and resources related to COVID-19 and our return to school in August 2020.





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In compliance with guidance from the Arkansas Department of Health, the Center for Disease Control & Prevention, and Arkansas Executive Order 20-43, the Cedarville Board of Education approved Emergency Policy 1.23 requiring all K-12 students and staff members to wear face coverings for the 2020.2021 school year. Face coverings will be required when social distancing cannot be achieved as determined by classroom teachers, assigned supervisors, or district administrators. Exceptions to compliance to face covering requirements will be allowed for individuals for whom compliance will adversely affect medical conditions, adversely impact disabilities, or interfere with specific health or safety factors. Exemptions will be approved on an individual basis and will require appropriate medical documentation.

Students will be afforded opportunities throughout the school day to remove face coverings. Face coverings will be allowed to be removed during meals, snacks, and while drinking. In addition, teachers and administrators will schedule times each day for students to visit designated locations which provide appropriate social distancing allowing for face covering breaks.

Cedarville will provide each student with two (2) washable cloth face masks at the beginning of the school year. Parents are encouraged to provide individual students with his/her own face covering. Cedarville will maintain a number of masks to provide to students in case of an emergency.

Visitors to all Cedarville School District facilities will be required to wear a face covering at all times while on campus.

Cedarville’s highest priority is the health and well-being of our students, employees, and visitors. Thank you for your cooperation.

Emergency Policy 1.23 is available on the Cedarville School District website,